Secure View & Knight Technology Group (KTG) announce Partnership

Secure View is excited to partner with Knight Technology Group to create the ultimate team for security solutions. Through its partnership, Knight Technology Group is able to deliver enterprise grade, state of the art Cloud Security monitoring to their clients.  By shifting from on premise based systems - which are prone to failure - to a [...]

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Secure View & Secure Mountain Management Announce Partnership

Secure View is excited to partner with Secure Mountain Management to create the ultimate team for security solutions. Through its partnership, Secure Mountain Management is able to leverage partner program benefits, including its competitive residuals and ongoing insight into this expanding market. Secure Mountain Management is excited to service Chaffee County and the adjacent counties with a [...]

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Demand For Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is rapidly growing and is more than just a means to catch the bad guys. Video is a strategic business tool used to reduce organizational risk and improve financial returns. Secure View can provide a modern high quality video surveillance system that will capture sensitive and critical data that is paramount to your [...]

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Affordable Cloud-Based Video

Affordable Cloud Based Video management. There is an affordable way to protect and view your business while you are away. This allows you to view the business from anywhere, anytime, from any device. Viewing and storing video made easy, this is not your standard video management platform. Secure View allows you to monitor your [...]

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Watchman by Secure View

Cloud based video to help you manage your business. View video when you need it, view recorded video on demand. This is a new generation of video recording for your business, keep tabs on your cameras so that you can resolve any issues without having to rely on a recorder. That way you can quickly [...]

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Your Business is never far away with Video management

Intelligent Video Management, monitor multiple cameras, and playback recorded video to find incidents and see key events. Built with an advanced video engine, Secure View lets smoothly stream high-quality video, while is intelligent timeline indicates when activity has occurred. The Secure View solution allows you to set up multiple cameras for a fraction of the [...]

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OTG Consulting & Secure View Announce Partnership

DENVER, CO. - OTG Consulting, a Master Agency made up of the industry's most experienced telecom executives, and Secure View, a provider of Cloud Based, Video Monitoring and Security Services in North America, announced today that the companies have partnered to offer OTG Consulting customers and agents access to Secure View’s service portfolio. Through its partnership [...]

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