Video surveillance is rapidly growing and is more than just a means to catch the bad guys. Video is a strategic business tool used to reduce organizational risk and improve financial returns. Secure View can provide a modern high quality video surveillance system that will capture sensitive and critical data that is paramount to your business.  Secure View keeps tabs on your cameras and instantly notifies you and Secure View if any of them go offline. That way we can quickly take care of a problem and you will never miss important events, this is particularly important when you have multiple locations.

The Watchman by Secure View builds video systems with a purpose and are:

Simple and Cost Effective, Extremely Resilient, are Effectively Mobile and are Scalable.

The Demand for Video Surveillance has helped Law Enforcement, it has become a proven tool in monitoring, analyzing, and in some cases even preventing criminal activity. Video Surveillance is also growing in the Retail market as well. Newer surveillance systems reduce liability and shrinkage by providing more reliable video retention and faster access to relevant saved video.

These Cloud based systems are high performers, extremely resilient, scalable, cost effective and very mobile. All of this helps the demand for video surveillance for todays businesses.